Its All Ian’s fault

When a certain Mr Ian paid me a house call the other week he spent a bit of time looking at this tree. He said that he sort of liked it and because of that I have decided to bring it out of the depths of obscurity that I thought it richly deserved. The pics were taken in haste and I didn’t take a shot of the existing front.

False Cypress

This view is closest to my original front

 False Cypress 2

False Cypress 2

It started life as an old garden tree with one long straggly upward branch. I wired it and bent it many years ago and produced a much tighter version of what you see. it’s impossible to get a false cypress to back bud and so because of earlier neglect (the story of my former life as a bonsai enthusiast) the foliage pads have  increased in size and the ramification has become quite leggy. It’s obvious that the pads need wired if the tree is to be anything at all. There’s a bit of a debate as to the best front.

False Cypress Roots

False Cypress Shari

There has been a bit of rot at the base that has been treated recently with a second dose of wood hardener.

The world is not really ready for this tree but as I said earlier. “Blame Ian”

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4 Responses to Its All Ian’s fault

  1. Steve Moore says:

    Mike, I suggest bringing the present top down 2-3 inches, so the jin becomes the apex. I think that would increase its visual interest. Your call, of course.


  2. Steve, I am open to suggestions on this tree. Thanks for your comment. I must get around to taking a pic of what is the existing front. It shows off the apex better.


  3. bonsai eejit says:

    Going to need fine wiring this one. Who’s this poor Ian fellow you keep blaming for showing an interest in your trees ? 🙂


  4. He’s a very nice guy who sometimes says nice things about my trees and then I’ve got to show them to others.


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