A few weeks ago I did a Happy as a Pig in Muck post in which I expressed my delight that my first attempt at an air layer appeared to be successful.

These are the leaves of the same tree today. They have turned brown and black in less than two weeks and I don’t know what is affecting them. I suspect a bad case of black spot but at this point I’m not even sure if Beech are subject to black spot.

I have removed the offending leaves but before I spray with a fungicide I would like an idea of what the problem is. I sprayed with an systemic insecticide, Provado Ultimate Bug Killer, about 1 month ago and I’m wondering if that could have caused the problem. The air layer roots seem to be O.K. still.

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3 Responses to Flummoxed

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Might just be Autumn. Air layers are stressful to the tree and it might just be dropping early. Should be fine in the Spring.


  2. The leaves look really bad. Very Very frightening, Thunderbolts and lightening, Mama Mia, |Mama mia, Figaro


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