Pinching Junipers

I thought this was worth re-blogging. It’s very interesting info on Juniper training.

Michael Hagedorn

Basically, we don’t pinch junipers. We may cut new, long extensions with scissors…and I know that will raise some eyebrows. I think the idea of pinching junipers with fingers started long ago in magazine articles. And then the idea of pinching became embedded in our juniper seasonal maintenance. But pinching, especially over-pinching where every growing tip is removed, has been killing junipers for decades.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about junipers. For starters, needle and scale junipers are maintained totally differently. It’s essential to know what you’ve got so you can maintain it properly. This really needs to be addressed. There are far too many weakened and dead junipers out there because of a misunderstanding of how we handle their growth—in fact, I doubt I’m far off from suggesting that ‘pinching’ is the number one killer of juniper bonsai.

Junipers build energy from their tip growth. If we…

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