Cedar Possibility

This tree has been a bit of a disaster and has been doing nothing on the sidelines for a long time.  It is a grafted tree and there was an inverted taper up to the graft and so some years ago I set about gently hammering the trunk to encourage thickening. Well it was supposed to be gently. I almost killed the tree as the bark and cambium layer came off on one side and I more or less discarded it.

Cedar 1

Ian Y saw it when he paid me a visit some weeks ago and made a passing suggestion that I should consider losing the top part of the tree, jin and shari some of the existing trunk and branches and just concentrate on one lower branch.

Cedar 1 Shari

As you can see my skills in Photoshop are very limited but I think it was something like this that he had in mind. I think it’s an option and may well turn a rubbish tree into a marginally better piece of rubbish. The virtual deadwood would put me in mind of a dragon. Now that’s gotta be a plus.

When you get my age the days can be long so it would give me something to do. Question is, When’s the best time.

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One Response to Cedar Possibility

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Yep, Think I was right there. Will make a far more believable image. I’d chop the apex back during the Winter when the sap has slowed down. Likely to bleed a lot during the growing season. Nice virtual too! You’re really getting the hang of this lark 🙂

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