Deshojo Update

My Deshojo has done well this year and is even showing bright red extension growth in the month of September. I thought it was time to give it a more suitable pot as I really think the existing one is too small particularly as I have allowed the leaf canopy to widen .

Old Pot

Old pot

I simply cut around the inner circumference of the old pot and lifted out the root ball without disturbing it.

Re Pot

New pot

The tree was positioned in the new pot  and after fastening it into the pot I simply filled around it with a sieved mixture of grit and clay.  I think that overall it is now a better image.



I took the photos in sunlight so they don’t really show the tree in its best light. Nevertheless I am fairly pleased with the result. In future years I will try to spread the nebari roots a bit to give a better visual image.

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