Variegated Privet

I lifted this stump around December 2011 and did a bit of very basic carving on it about June when I was happy enough that it had survived the move from the garden. Privet 1

Around here somewhere there is a possible front

The tree has put on a fair amount of growth during the season. I have given it a light trim and done some very rough and  basic wiring to place a branch or two. Carving 2


Carving 1 The carving is pretty uninspiring but next season I will replant into a flatter container.  The branches will be a lot shorter so I think I will trim the tree pretty hard in the spring, allow free growth and trim throughout the season to produce some ramification.  I will also have a further look at the carving with a little help from my bonsai friends. (That’s a bit presumptuous of me)  Who knows what the result will be but given the growing habit of privet I think I could obtain a reasonable tree. I have never seen a variegated privet bonsai before so I am assuming they are not that common.

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