Scots Pine Dilema

This Scots Pine stands about 20 inches tall and as the first pics show it has a lot of problems. Thin Trunk, handlebar branches, strong spiral shape which was added to try to make the tree a little more compact and a very thin and uninteresting lower branch. In the first instance I needed to settle on a front and the following images are intended to show some of the options available.




Given that in any event the bottom branch has to go and the large branch on the inside of the first bend would probably go I took the tree along to Ian’s Garage Night last night looking for further options. My choice of the three options shown would have been the last one. I did consider removing a large part of the top of the tree but I seldom have the courage to do anything so radical.

The tree is quite healthy although it did fall and broke its’ pot a few days ago. It has been re-potted in the only pot I had to hand in the emergency. Upon reflection I would probably have been better to us a modified plastic flower pot but my decision was made in haste. Thankfully the root ball was not seriously disturbed during the exercise.

Foliage 1

Foliage 2

These pics show that the tree was in a good healthy condition before any work was carried out on it. There are plenty of new buds that will open out in next years growing season.


The lower trunk has quite a nice bark texture.
Basic Re_Style

We decided to completely remove the foliage top of the tree and jin the branches. By leaving the jin we keep our options open for the future. Since removal I have given some of the remaining branches a basic wiring to create a new apex and to place the others roughly at this stage. Some of them will probably be removed in the future depending on what foliage development I get on the tree. The large back branch will be wired, lowered and generally manipulated in the future and the large stump on the inside of the bend may be jinned or removed altogether.

The jinned trunk and branch will eventually be bent and placed behind the new apex. As can be seen the future will bring a new potting angle that will probably not be as severe as the pic shows in order to let the jinned trunk etc feature more. The photo is also  slightly deceiving as I have taken it from a lower viewing angle than I intended.

Clearly this little tree represents another waiting game.

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3 Responses to Scots Pine Dilema

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    I see you decided to go ahead with a little wiring 🙂


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