Scots Pine Potensai

I decided to put a little wire on this spindly Scots Pine just to give the branches their first placing.
First Styling

Apex Movement

Top branches movement

Buds 1

Although the tree is in the very early stages of development I think it has some potential as a literati. After the basic wiring it has plenty of interesting movement and I think it could develop into a nice little tree. I have lightly pruned most of the branch tips to promote back budding next year. Hopefully this will allow the branches to be further shortened a little where needed. There are plenty of new buds that have developed on the small side branches.

The tree is in healthy condition and should develop substantially next year.

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One Response to Scots Pine Potensai

  1. Steve Moore says:

    I agree with starting to wire when the tree is still small, as long as you’re sure of your eventual vision for the tree. It seems to me that, all else being equal, a little wiring at a time, spread over a number of years, is less traumatic than a major all-at-one-time working.

    Looking forward to seeing how this tree develops in the future.

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