Large Scots Pine Update

As the growing season draws to a close it’s inevitable that we look back over the past months and consider what trees have done well and those that have not done so well. I am very happy with the progress of this tree and I am very pleased with it’s developement following the the adjustments made by by Ian late last year.  See Here

This is the tree following re-potting in April

Scots Pine Front Oct 2012


Front October 2012

Scots Pine Back Oct 2012Back October 2012

These two pics were taken today with most of the wire removed and after a few hours of removing old needles and general congestion



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4 Responses to Large Scots Pine Update

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    I still think there’s a better image in this tree. You know I was satisfied with what we achieved that day but some issues with the trunk movement still nag at me. One of Peter Warren input at the weekend me thinks!


  2. Steve Moore says:

    If I’m reading correctly you just had your session with Peter, but I’ll throw in my two cents’ worth anyway, just to muddy the waters. 😉

    The design is unusual, but it’s self-consistent, plausible, and eye-appealing. The only thing I would change is the pot: make it bigger or a darker color, so it has more visual weight to anchor the tree. As is, the whole looks a bit top-heavy. (Unless that’s an artifact of the pictures.)


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