Potentilla Bonsai

I don’t have a Potentilla in my collection but I am looking to rectify that if I can get one at the RIGHT price. I’m a fully paid up member of HM Pensioner’s Society.

Although garden centre stock is not really an option for me I thought I would post this link to Shohin Bonsai Europe’s progression series on Potentilla Fruticosa Kobalt that I found very interesting.

When I think of the number of Potentilla that I thought of as little more than weeds in the garden I could kick myself. I also remember  with knashing of teeth a lovely garden Rosemary that we let die in our ignorance some years ago.

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2 Responses to Potentilla Bonsai

  1. Steve Moore says:

    Mike, nurseries and garden centers in this country usually have “set-back” areas, where they hold damaged-but-still-usable plants and other stock that for any reason doesn’t sell promptly. Usually they’re happy to let those plants go at a discount.

    Is that an option there?


    • Steve it often can be. Indeed I was talking to one of our members on Manday who had bought a fairly substantial Maple for a couple of quid $3+ in a garden centre. Good value at that price. I am looking.


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