Beech Group Planting

I was doing a bit of surfing and came across Bonsaieejits blog on Ben’s beech group planting which was very interesting. I’m trying to develop one of my own and am always looking for inspiration.

Being suitably inspired by bonsaieejits blog I went on to discover these pics that I thought were worth a post. Hope I was right.

Beech Group Bare 0702

Beech Group 0609

Beech Group 0611

Beech Group 0606

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2 Responses to Beech Group Planting

  1. Paul Chilcott says:

    Hi Mike. Just seen this while looking on google for inspirational groups because I’m about to deconstruct this one – ‘cos it’s mine! Nice to know others appreciate my trees. It’s become far too tall since these pics were taken so I’ve trained new leaders from about 1/3rd down and I’m going to regroup the trees to give it more depth – it’s far too linear at the moment.

    I have to own up to not styling it originally – that honour lies with Geoff Matthews of Glenbrook Bonsai. Having cared for it for a few years I feel I now have the experience to be able to address what I see as faults. Just hope Geoff approves!

    Chuffed to bits that you liked it.


    Paul Chilcott


  2. Paul I look forward to seeing pics of the finished product. be sure to post me some pics or the link please.


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