Shohin Chamaecyparis Styling

I have eventually got around to having a go at styling my newly acquired garden centre Chamaecyparis featured in an earlier post. Click Here.  So now, on show for the very first time my all new and exclusive design. The branches on the right side of the tree were actually longer and thicker than the branches on the left so the foliage on the right tends to be further away from the trunk this will rectify itself in time with proper pruning. I actually think it doesn’t look too bad just now and has some potential. The bottom jins will probably go but I think the tree should fill out nicely and form some decent pads. In a nice pot, with some tweaking of the branches etc,  I should be able  tp achieve a fairly nice image in the future. The top foliage on the right of the tree is a little light because I had to remove some thicker branches toward the apex of the tree to try and maintain a balalance in branch thicknesses.  This will soon be replaced with new growth as the pads develop. Top Jin This is a shot of the jin at the apex which I think is in harmony with the design. I hope so anyway. If not it can be removed or shortened etc. Trunk

Another shot of the nebari and lower trunk

If you happen to read this post please feel free to comment upon it  and make any helpful suggestions you can.

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4 Responses to Shohin Chamaecyparis Styling

  1. becomingbonsai says:

    Nice piece of material, but it might still have too many branches. As you know already, you can pretty much count on not getting any back budding (although some Chamaecyparis cultivars will), so your choices are either to graft closer in toward the trunk, or bend the branches down more to get the tree more compact. Drastically bending the branches down (like how I’m thinking) would require your first branch to be higher up the trunk. Giving the tree a little more slant and doing something like this ( might be interesting. You could even run the jin farther down the tree and bend one of the underside branches up to be the new leader like in the picture. It could give you some even more dramatic taper and more movement.
    Good luck,


  2. Thanks for very helpful suggestions. I will definately give them some though.I had considered losing the lowest branch on the right of the tree and doing something like you suggest with the branch placement


  3. Ben B says:

    A good wee project Michael – a great find with great nebari! I agree with the above suggestion – maybe too many branches opposite each other on the trunk? You said you found it up the north coast – was it the Ashwood garden centre on Frosses Road out of Ballymoney? Ben


    • Hi Ben, Thanks. i think the tree has potential in the right hands. I’d better give it away then. I agree re the branches but my idea is to leave them on for now just to see which ones produce growth closest to the trunk. Once I’m satisfied with that I’ll remove some. Better looking at them than looking for them. The garden centre was actually just outside Castlerock


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