Potentilla Find

On my recent trip to the North Coast I picked up a couple of nice Potentilla for the princely sum of £5-99 each. This is the first one which may well be developed as a twin trunk. Colour unknown but is either yellow or red.

The golf ball shows that the main trunk is quite thick

Judging by the moss on the tree it has been about the garden center for a year or two. It had actually been marked up from £3-99 to £5-99. some time ago. There were about 10 of them but I couldn’t really take time to examine them all thoroughly as it was raining heavily and I was in a hurry.

These two shots show the nebari after an inch or more of soil has been scraped away.

Notwithstanding all I am pleased with my purchases. I will give this tree a bit of a basic pruning sometime soon and then pot it into a bonsai pot next spring. In the meantime I’ll need to give some thought to the potting angle etc and what foliage and branches will need to be removed.

Suggestions Welcome as long as they don’t involve firelighters, petrol, paper and matches.

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One Response to Potentilla Find

  1. Ray C says:

    Thought you found it on a golf course!!!!!!


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