First and Last

This little Kiyohime Acer was the first of my Maples to come into leaf this year as you would expect. It has done very well through the growing season considering it’s recent past.

I am surprised however to find that it is also the last to drop it’s leaves this year.

Here are a couple of very poor photographs, hastily taken 2 days ago on Sunday morning showing the beautiful colour of the tree. I’m just sorry that I didn’t have more time to spend taking the pics.

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4 Responses to First and Last

  1. Steve Moore says:

    Don’t worry about the pics: the color comes thru just fine.

    I’m often intrigued by the differences in schedule — as of leaf drop — in closely-related varieties and species. Genetically based, of course, but they can look quite random.


  2. Ingvar says:

    Hey, great colour! Please update when it’s “naked”, it looks like a good sized trunk behind those blushing leaves… 😉


  3. Thanks Ingvar. Here’s a link to a post made when I re-potted the tree earlier this year. It’s a naked as a new born babe.


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