European Larch

This tree has been in my collection about 8 years now. I bought it from Phil at that time and knew nothing about them. I still dont know very much about them. The tree remained in the same pot until last spring when it was re-potted. In spite of my neglect over those years it survived well.

The tree originally had a long uninteresting trunk that I chopped back and then trained a back branch up to form a more compact leader and apex. The bend looks a bit artificial now but it seemed a good idea at the time as I had seen a similar technique used in one of the Bonsai Today magazines.


This is the tree in September 2012

After re-potting last year it was left to grow unchecked and now after the Autumn needle drop it was due a bit of styling.

This is the tree in midsummer 2012

This is the tree before re-wiring and styling (Ian’s Pic)


After wiring and styling

New Potting Angle

New potting angle



Carving 1

Top Shari that needs some work done to it to make it a bit more convincing


I had originally carved out the trunk (too much) and because of larch’s habit of callousing over rapidly I have left it to trunk carving to fill up. When it is a bit more full the callous  edges will also be re-worked to make them a bit more convincing.

Overall I’m reasonably pleased with the result of Friday night’s work. Thanks again Ian and phil for all your valuable help and advice. I’m looking forward to next year D.V. to see what that brings for the tree. I will leave it a year or two before attempting to re-pot into a better pot and correcting the potting angle.

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2 Responses to European Larch

  1. Steve Moore says:

    Good work. The tree’s movement is much more self-consistent now. Looking forward to future updates on this one.

    Larch seem to be survivors, don’t they? 🙂


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