Juniper Cascade Update

This post is just to keep the blog alive. There’s nothing much happening and the weather is miserable so I thought I would take a few pics of some of my trees as we pass through midwinter.

This is an earlier post on this tree Juniper Cascade

Juniper Cascade

Cascade Apex

Juniper Cascade Trunk

This tree needs a bit more wiring and the shari on the trunk needs to be extended. This is long overdue and so is a job for the winter months.

The tree has been in this old pot for about seven years now and could do with a decent semi cascade pot. I need to consider size, shape and colour and am open to suggestions. It will be a major repot as the existing mix is not ideal at all. Surprisingly however the tree has done well in it.

I think this tree has some potential to be a half decent specimen.

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4 Responses to Juniper Cascade Update

  1. Steve Moore says:

    The tree-pot color match isn’t too bad, tho you could tweak it. I would look for a pot of the same diameter, but only 2/3 as deep.


  2. Love the roots. Looking good


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