I really liked this Peter Warren potentilla post in Oct 12.  It was pretty soon after this that I bought a couple of garden centre  Potentilla. I decided to while away the winter blues by giving this one a bit of a pruning in anticipation of the new growing season that is just around the corner. I agree that its probably a long corner but spring is approaching slowly.

I understand that potentilla back bud prolifically so I will almost certainly prune a little harder once growth starts appearing.Potentilla 120121109_6407

This is the tree as bought and stands about 55 cms


Potentilla 3

After pruning and a little wiring this is the first option

Potentilla 2

Potentilla 1

There are also these windswept options

 In each option I am thinking that the lower forked branch on the right hand side will be pruned back further and used as a dead wood feature.  The long curved branch that is wired with a guy wire will almost certainly be shortened as well. I have left it long to help with bending and also to ensure ample space for back budding. I couldn’t bend it any further due to the risk of it snapping off completely. The wood is very brittle.

The next step is to find a suitable pot and then wait for the flowers as I have no idea of the variety or colour.

Any suggestions re style and design are welcome apart of course from those that involve bins, shredders and blow torches etc.

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