NIBS Club Night

Although my dedication and determination did not merit a mention on Ian’s blog (whimper here)  I feel obliged to blow my own trumpet and say that I made a spectacularly valiant effort to get to the club meeting last night. A police road block meant I had to make a very long detour that involved an extra half hour drive to get to the meeting. I did it cos , among other things that would be better not mentioned, that’s the type of guy I am.

To tell the truth it was worth it if only to get another pic of two fingers Phil without the two fingers on show in their usual manner.


There were disadvantages as well. I heard someone complaining about the kind of material they had to work with. I think they were talking about trees but just look at the kind of material that was present.

Graham 1

Graham helping to reduce the glare from the flash. I know he was just being helpful but Really!!


I don’t know what he was trying to do here.


Ian hard at work with Harry hiding himself.

Ian 2

Ian, treasurer, counting or maybe cooking the books.

Twin Trunk juniper

A tree cos that’s why we were there.

Bens Larch

Ben’s Larch styled by Phil

A small night due to the flag protesters but a good night just the same.

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5 Responses to NIBS Club Night

  1. willowbogger says:

    appalling to see the favouritism shown by your Chairman Mike !!! if he wont blow your trumpet then do it yourself 🙂


  2. bonsai eejit says:

    Look who wants a medal for turning up late 🙂 I was there 35 minutes early!!


  3. Ben B says:

    I agree. Those cuttings are in the ground. I’ll let you know if anything comes of them. Cheers!


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