Acer Palmatum

This little tree has its origins in a cutting I took about 6 years ago. it grew well in spite of the much spoken about neglect of my trees in recent years but after a good feeding regime and potting up into a free draining mix last year it sent out lots of new growth and back budding.

I gave it a good trimming last Friday at the NIBS night and re-potted it yesterday.  I trimmed the roots back quite a bit to make it fit the pot but I think that with the right after care it should do pretty well.


Its early days but there is a bit of potential. There were long spaces between many of the buds so I have deliberately left the trimmed branches and apex long to allow for die back to the remaining bud. The apex may need lowered in the future to make for a more compact image.

I am not sure whether to try to develop a pad on the lowest branch and keep it as it is or to allow it grow longer and upward. A lot will depend on what budding takes place the trunk just above it.

Maple side

Side On

Maple nebari

All in all I think it will be a nice little tree in the future.

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