The Harp Juniper Re-Pot

I was all set for a Garage night at Ian’s on Friday night and battled my way valiantly through the snow to get there only to find it had been called off due to the weather. Should have read my text messages and emails before I left. Being a real trooper I made my way home and decided that, as I was prepared for it, I would re-pot my large Juniper.

I was quite anxious about the existing soil mix as it was one of those trees that I had potted up in the infamous Tesco cat litter some years ago. My anxiety was justified.

Roots 1

This is the tree out of the pot.  The old clay colour is clearly visible but I was surprised to see as many roots as there were. Some were already beginning to show new extension.

Roots 2

I reduced the root ball as far as I thought was safe. This was just over one third of the soil mass.  I was able to go back to the original potting soil which was a more loamy nature but much less compacted. A future re-pot may permit reducing this a little if needed.  I decided to just trim the roots very lightly as I am not at all confident about a serious root prune on this particular tree.

Drainage layer

The bottom of the pot was filled with a large grain draining layer


A close up of the final fill

Clay Ball

This clay ball gives some idea of what the tree was growing in

Full Image

A good watering to flush out the dust and then into the green house.

I am fairly pleased with the nights work. When positioning the tree in the pot I was able to tilt it forward a little. Although not immediately obvious from the pic this improves the overall image as he tree had been leaning away from the viewer slightly. Now for a good growing season, some extension growth on the lower branches and some wiring when the tree has recovered from the re-pot and the tree will begin to look a little more convincing. I hope so anyway.

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2 Responses to The Harp Juniper Re-Pot

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    You’re making me feel bad now! 😦
    You didn’t need my help anyway by the looks of it. What a change in the health of this tree. Good aftercare now and don’t wire until at least the Autumn with free growth from now til then.


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