Cryptomeria Japonica

For the lack of something bonsai to do today I picked up this tree today (using the word “tree” loosely) and potted it into an over sized bonsai pot.  It was struck from a cutting some years ago and is one of those pieces of neglected rubbish that has lain about the place pot bound in old peat based compost. The pot is a bit of an eyesore but it will serve its purpose now.


The tree is about 7 inches tall and is quite healthy. The lower trunk has a decent taper and a nice nebari, all of which is under the soil just now as I wanted as much soil depth as possible to protect the roots at its first re-pot.

The branch growth is very soft on this species and is liable to split at the branch intersections when bent. Great care is needed when styling and I’m not always that careful or patient. The tree needs to do a lot more before it has any chance of being anything.


If nothing else potting it up was a bit of decent recreation so now its into the greenhouse for a bit of protection.

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4 Responses to Cryptomeria Japonica

  1. OwlMcCloud says:

    I had one these and I didn’t do soo … well with it but I really want to try again. I love them and the peace they bring.


  2. Good to hear from you. maybe you could say what went wrong with your tree.


  3. Ben B says:

    I have two of these growing in the ground at the moment. They must be at least five years old and around 50cm tall. The lower trunks are finally starting to lignify and darken. In the two years that I’ve had them, the branches are still soft and green!!! I’m just going to forget about them for the next decade or so…


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