Privet Bonsai

I lifted this variegated privet stump from the garden last year and have decided to completely bare root it put it into a larger container with a proper free draining mix to see if I can obtain a good growth rate in the coming season.

Privet 1



Privet 1

Privet 2

These last two images show the stump after repotting, defoiliated and lightly wired. A little bit of carving and waiting will greatly improve this tree. I hope. I also realise that variagated varieties are not everyone’s cup of tea but its worth the trying. If I keep it in warm shade it might revert to green. Who knows?

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2 Responses to Privet Bonsai

  1. Steve Moore says:

    Looks like a good piece of raw material, Mike. 🙂

    Privet can make great bonsai sometime. There’s at least one Ligustrum vulgare bonsai in the US National Collection in Washington — a splendid 5-trunk that was collected from a cow pasture and developed by the late Jack Fried.


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