NIBS Bonsai School Feb 2013

The first NI Bonsai Society School of the year started with a very good turnout on a cold February day. As usual Peter Snart was our guest speaker. The schedule for the day included a general discussion on personal trees and winter experiences and as usual was very interesting. This was followed with some refresher information on wiring and re-potting and even though many would consider this “Old Hat” or “Novice Territory” Peter gave some very useful tips particularly on the subject of preparation when re-potting.


Its always nice to get a pic of Peter looking bemused and non-plussed. It’s never that difficult to get one.

Peter 1

His more intelligent look. This can be quite difficult to get.

Viewing the merchandise

Viewing the merchandise at the break

Broken Door

There was a bit of a drama at the break as the handle/lock on Ian’s patio door broke when the door was closed. As this is the main access to the toilet facilities this was not an ideal situation on a cold day. Fortunately we were able to use the front door. Ian was smiling at this point but as he reflected on the possible cost of repair his smile quickly turned to a bit of a frown.

The  topics for the afternoon were a talk/discussion on Japanese and European Larch and finally a quick run through on suitable native coniferous species suitable for bonsai. These included Scots Pine, European Yew and of course larch together with a number of species that have been imported many years ago and have “naturalised” in so far as they are well suited to native climate here in UK.

Phils Quince

Phil’s hugh Quince was on display and I just couldn’t resist a picture. Its sits with a diameter in excess of 10 inches and stands about 18 inches tall. With a few years of branch ramification I think this will be a super tree. I offered Phil 50 quid (£50)  for it but for some reason he declined my offer.

Another very enjoyable day and I’m just sorry that the Sunday work shops  just don’t suit me

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