Shohin Chaemacyparis

This little tree had a first styling (well you know what I mean) in November and so it was time to put it into its first bonsai pot. I have also thinned it out quite a bit to let me  position the branches a bit better.Full Image

This tree is a work in progress so 2013 will be interesting. I have not fine wired to the branch tips deliberately so the existing foliage looks a bit untidy.   Will the foliage back bud on the new wood and the existing branch intersections. If it does then this could be a nice little tree.

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2 Responses to Shohin Chaemacyparis

  1. phil says:

    Mabey a bit much work done on it in short space of time Michael , wouldnt do anything else to it this year just let it get its strength built up again as guide I wouldn’t work on top of tree and bottom in same year


  2. Your absolutely right Phil but this is a sort of nothing tree and I deliberately took the chance. We’ll see.


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