Acer Palmatum Project

Without question this is a long-term project. This tree was growing in a tub in my back garden for many years and had been really neglected. For some time now I have considered potting it up with a view to a bonsai so last season I pruned off all the straggly growth almost back to the trunk to promote back budding. I achieved modest success although there are a number of new shoots starting to emerge this year already.


I decided to completely bare root the tree and as there were plenty of roots I removed as many ugly  and crossing roots as I thought was safe. The whole process took over an hour and I was ready for a sit down afterward.

roots 1

Wired In

Nebari 1


I have buried all the roots to give the tree its best chance of surviving. The future will allow me to expose more of the nebari.


I have a couple of large plastic trays that are ideal for large stumps and this tree was just the right candidate so in she went after I had drilled plenty of drainage holes.

A long way to go but it will be interesting to see the progress, if any, in the coming growing season.

I know that I’m as mad as a hatter but it keeps me sane.

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2 Responses to Acer Palmatum Project

  1. Steve Moore says:

    Great taper! And the nebari already offers some visual interest. You may have a fine bonsai here, a few years down the road.


  2. Thanks Steve, I think its worth some effort at this stage to see what develops.


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