NIBS Club Night

Last Friday night brought  another NIBS club night attended by Robert Porch who in his very relaxed style hosted the evening. He did a very basic styling demo on a few members trees and basically demonstrated what could be done on some raw material in a very short space of time and with a bit of thoughtful consideration.

The first tree he worked on was a rather tall and slender Mugo Pine that had been grown from seed by a member over a
period of about 20 years.


The Raw Material


Santa’s little helpers wiring the tree

Mugo Pine 1

On the way

Mugo pine

 The finished product


A few members were bold enough to offer some suggestions re the design of some raw material and Robert very quickly enlisted their practical help. Here is Stephen AKA Bonsai Baker after he  had been press ganged into putting his suggestions into practice. It was one of those few occasions that I managed to keep my mouth shut at the critical time.

Hugh's Larch

Hugh’s Larch, that had been bought from Robert some months ago and had recently been styled by Phil, stole the show. It’s a beauty. It stands about 1 metre tall and has a spread of about 75cm. Robert suggested that it might need fewer branches but the decision as to what branches should be removed is should only be made when the foliage has opened out fully.

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