Noelanders Juniper Re-Pot

I don’t like re-potting Junipers. I just don’t have a good record with them but as this tree has been in the same old mix for some years now and in view of my objective to get all my trees into a more free draining mix  I thought that I should give this a go a couple of weeks ago.

I suppose it’s a bit of a contradiction to re-pot a tree that grew very well last year as it responded to more attention and better feeding but without taking the tree out of the pot I could not be really sure how the root system was developing.

Root Ball

It turned out that I need not have worried as the root ball appeared to be nice and healthy but as I had committed myself I decided to continue.

Reduced Roots

My objective was to place the tree at more of an angle in the pot so that meant reducing the thickness of the root mass on the right a bit more than the left. As I look at this pic I just hope I didn’t overdo it

March 2013

This is the tree re-potted and the following pic shows the original potting angle.

Noelanders JuniperThis is the original potting angle. Photo taken in early July 2012.

Potted 1

The tree needs the dead wood carving improved somewhat to hide the old tool marks. This is a job for the coming season


The nerve-racking thing about junipers is that they don’t tell you immediately if they like what you have done to them. They can stay green for ages when they are actually dying or dead. I am in for an anxious wait over the next month or two but so far the signs are pretty good.

I think that the tree could be pretty decent as the foliage pads fill out and are re-positioned to fill some of the gaps and hide some of the branches. The apex certainly needs much more foliage.

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