Shohin Blackthorn

This little blackthorn has been in a state of virtual suspended animation for the last two weeks or more. The flower buds have swollen and are showing lots of promise. They just have not moved at all in the last two weeks due to the bitterly cold weather and arctic conditions. In fact it felt like I was on a major polar expedition when I went out to the greenhouse this afternoon to inspect my trees and it’s only 12 feet or so from my back door. Brr, My blood’s getting thin.

Full Tree


Notwithstanding all the tree is looking pretty good. I was hoping that a long growing season this year would help improve ramification of the branches. Maybe that’s asking too much.

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4 Responses to Shohin Blackthorn

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    could be in flower for the show 🙂

  2. Steve Moore says:

    We see that sort of thing here, too. It’s always an interesting phenomenon to me, who grew up where this just didn’t happen! 🙂

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