Juniper Cascade

I have been waiting for warmer weather to re-pot this tree into a pot that I bought from Peter Snart on his last visit to NIBS in February. The warmer weather hasn’t come but because the tree is still in the greenhouse and sheltered from the cold drying winds I thought it was time to go ahead.

I have said before that I am very apprehensive when re-potting junipers and this one was no exception. I was pleasantly surprised at the rootball in the old soil mix as there were plently of roots. I reduced the size of the rootball to allow the tree to fit into the smaller pot and also left some room for new root growth. I would love to have been able to bare root the tree but all will know that this is extremely dangerous practice on a tree like this. I reckon it to be over 40 years old.

I hope I haven’t overdone the root reduction but I did get a little carried away. The nebari has been placed deliberately quite low in the new pot. I wanted to protect the root ball as much as possible from the scorching sun that we are going to get as this wonderful spring merges into a splendid summer.  So I have left a good 1 inch layer of medium on the surface. Revealing more of the nebari is a job for another day.

It’s now a question of leaving the tree for most of this growing season and then trying to tighten up and place the foliage pads.

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2 Responses to Juniper Cascade

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    A great improvement on the old pot.


  2. Will it survive. That’s the question.


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