‘CAN’ U Believe It

I was there in Petra, The Red City, when it happened. Honest. It was a blisteringly hot day and this boy stuck his neck out saying “If I don’t get a drink of your Pepsi I’m gonna take the Hump”. He then took this can out of my wife’s hand and knocked it back.

Takin the 'ump

Takin the ‘ump

The Valley

I’m just whileing away the hours while dreaming of warmer days.

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One Response to ‘CAN’ U Believe It

  1. Ha Tikvah says:

    The pic of the camel reminded me that I have an almost identical one but of a camel downing a bottle of Coke all on its own. While it was an amazing thing to watch, I thought afterwards that it can’t be too healthy for yon poor camels to get as addicted to the black stuff as I am (as I sit here on my 2nd can of the day!!), Mine was in Jerusalem – awesome City. 🙂


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