Spring at last?

At last the look and feel of spring. The lawn mowed and fed. The flower beds tidied and the trees starting to grow. It has been a long wait and for some of those trees that were re-potted very early, an anxious wait, but now signs of life and colour.

My trees are still under cover and I am going to keep them there for a day or two yet to let them make up a little growth following the late spring. The cold drying winds seem to have gone for now but it is to get a little colder next week. I hope keeping them under glass is the right thing to do.





White Pine


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4 Responses to Spring at last?

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Good to see you making proper use of that greenhouse now Michael 🙂

    Any deciduous trees repotted this year and keep under glass need to stay there until you are sure the frosts have gone. At this rate they’ll be there until August!!! lol


    • Glad I’m doing something right. I was getting concerned for some of my trees although I’m keeping re-potted conifers under glass as well at the moment. Is this the right thing to do.


  2. Your trees are weeks ahead of mine, my larches are only just bursting the buds. Supposed to slowly warm up next week


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