NIBS Spring Show

The Northern Ireland Bonsai Society held is currently holding its annual spring show at Hillside Nursery, Cloughfern, Belfast. The venue is excellent although our stand is under cover outdoors and it is proving to be very cold at times. Numbers passing through were excellent today and the interest in the trees was great. One young couple went, with the help of Ian Yand bought a dwarf picea which Ian styled for him on the spot. Conditions weren’t ideal and when Ian was finished he was cold and stiff but a happy young gent and his wife went on their way with the promise of coming to see us at one of the club meetings. Well done Ian. Your perseverance is to be commended.

Although tomorrow will be a shorter day 1pm-5pm I hope the club members in attendance will have a good time

I took a few pics today to show the quality of trees on display. Overall I think it was very good.

You can follow the details more fully on bonsaieejit’s blog 

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2 Responses to NIBS Spring Show

  1. peter snart says:

    A really nice show Mike , all credit to the Society !


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