The Big Chop

Phil the Fingers

When Phil the fingers sticks them up in the air it is generally taken as a rude gesture. The more charitable among us have thought that it was really a V for victory sign as in “we will overcome”. I have recently discovered that he is really giving his impression of a pair of pruning shears and that grunt that he makes when the fingers go up in the air is just him saying “CUT” it’s a kind of  knee-jerk reaction with him. At least it was “CUT” that he grunted when he saw this Scots Pine for the first time and cut I did. That was in the autumn of 2012 so now I have given it a very basic initial styling.

The tree has some way to go but the new candles are already beginning to swell nicely. hopefully this year should see some improvement. Obviously the tree needs a suitable pot and that alone would enhance the image considerably.

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