I bought this Cedar from a garden centre many years ago as a very small shrub and had no success growing it as a bonsai although I did some initial branch placement. I gave up on it and put it into a large ornamental container with a view to growing it as a garden shrub. I had a look at it late last year and was really surprised at the way it had thickened up and matured. I thought that it might be worth taking it up again as a bonsai  so I took it out of the container a few days ago and reduced the root-ball  by about one third.  I wanted to trim the tree foliage quite a bit so I did not disturb the roots very much.  I also cleared the top soil to reveal the nebari and was very pleasantly surprised with what I found. The tree was put into a new plastic tub with a very free draining mix.

The tree has been trimmed but  not wired in any way so as not to stress it too much at this time. I am quite pleased with the initial image which should improve greatly with time.

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6 Responses to Cedar

  1. bonsology says:

    I’m glad you’re not giving up on it!


  2. Ta. I think it might be worth some effort.


  3. Steve Moore says:

    Not bad at all! 🙂

    I think mature cedars are among the most magnificent trees around.


  4. Ben B says:

    Nice potential, Michael. I love cedars – do you know what type it is – Deodar perhaps? It seems to have a weeping branch structure. Quite different from a green needled cedar I have and would like to identify. If I know yours is a Deodar then I’ll know mine isn’t!


    • Ben, I think you are right about mine being a Deodora. The species guide on Bonsai4me is very helpful when developing cedars. They evidently don’t like re-potting as I have discovered with another tree in my collection.


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