Tanuki Juniper Re-Pot

My Tanuki Juniper was in need of potting into a decent growing medium this year and even though I hate re-potting Junipers I gave it a go. Ian Y says I have a phobia about re-potting junipers and he is right because I have lost a few in the past.

I’m glad to say that each one I have done this year has recovered well and so has this little tree that was re-potted about 4 weeks ago . I used the only pot I had to hand that unfortunately is glazed but it serves it’s purpose well for the current growing season. I will buy a more suitable pot for next season and simply lift the tree out of one into the other.

Spring Re-pot

This tree is what it is (a fun tree) but its a personal project to try to make it more convincing with the passage of time.

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3 Responses to Tanuki Juniper Re-Pot

  1. I like the deadwood on this tree. It kind of makes the tree look like its walking 🙂


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