Larch Re-Visited

This larch was totally wired by Phil during the winter and is now growing vigorously. It had become really bushy with very soft growth and long needles so I have thinned it out and removed the downward growing buds and needles but it still looks very bushy. Most of the extension growth has not been touched as the tree needs branch extension half way up the trunk and at the apex.

I am wondering why the needles are so long each year. Some are  2 inches or more. Is it because of early feeding,  too large a pot or both? It’s not an issue at this stage of the tree’s development but will it always be like this? In other words is it the habit of this particular tree ?

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2 Responses to Larch Re-Visited

  1. phil says:

    To much water in spring and feed but will reduce over time no rush with it


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