Club Night

It was a busy and well attended club night last Friday but not many pics and those that I took weren’t great. Everyone seemed to be very busy and I spent most of my time re-potting my Scots pine. Many thanks to Ian and Roy for their help. The pics that I took were useless but I hope to show the tree at a later date in its new potting angle.

There were a lot of raw material trees on sale and I picked up a new larch that was on sale from a collector, Cavan, who is reducing the number of trees in his collection. I like it and will show some better pics at a later date.

There is always something to be learnt from others and last friday night was no exception. Thanks to all.



My new Larch but this pic doesn’t do it justice.

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3 Responses to Club Night

  1. Steve Moore says:

    The pictures are good enough. I always think the work done on the trees matters more than the pictures of that work!

  2. I like the larch a lot. That is one species I do not have in my collection and have been wanting to add. Nice purchase 🙂

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