This hawthorn was collected  a number of years ago and in my folly I gave the trunk a serious chop and started a new leader. The new leader has matured well and there is reasonable taper but I sometimes wonder what the tree would have been like if I had not chopped it. It would certainly be further on in ramification etc. I have decided to change the potting angle at the next re-pot and have photographed it with that in mind. The angle  may be tweaked a little before the final decision.  I am deliberately letting several shoots extend as I want to have a go at filling up some of the spaces on the trunk with an approach graft or two. The tree needs a decent back branch and I have had no luck with budding on the main trunk even though the apex has been pruned heavily on a number of occasions

The overall health of the tree is good and it is growing strongly.

FP Hawthorn


FP Hawthorn Foliage


It’s somewhere about here that I want to try the approach graft and if you look closely you can a growing tip that is beginning to extend across the trunk. If it grows quickly enough over the next few weeks I may well get a graft this season. The guy wire was used to lower the second branch a little to suit the new angle.


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