Scots Pine

This tree has been worked and re-worked but now I hope a final and correct decision has been made regarding the tree’s front. Peter Warren was with us in Oct last year and made a very strong recommendation to change the front that Ian Y and i had decided on earlier in 2012. I must admit that I had grown to like the front that Ian had suggested and the tree had done well during the growing season.

I had expected Peter to compliment the tree as he critiqued it in October but he made some very strong criticisms of the branch bends and trunk lines that had resulted from earlier stylings. He used a Japanese expression that Philip rather eloquently translated as a “stinky tree”. I must say that I was put off the tree as I realized that the criticism was fair but I have what I have and must make the best of it.

Although it is getting quite late I ventured moving the tree in its existing pot at our last club night. Ian and Roy lent a very welcome hand. We disturbed the root ball as little as possible and we were delighted to discover that in spite of a re-pot last year the tree had an excellent root mass. We were convinced that moving it to a new angle in the pot would set it back little or nothing.

I hope this is the last decision re the shape and position of this tree and look forward to further pad development this year to try to produce a convincing image. As I see it now however I am wondering if the tree does not look a little top heavy and may require a slightly wider pot to give it some balance

I have included some before and after pics

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