Pyracantha Update

My Shohin Pyracantha is progressing nicely and is producing some flower buds that I am going to allow to develop for the first time this year. I still don’t have much of a clue as to where I am going with this tree but I have given it a little trim just to keep it neat.

I have even managed to take a cutting from the trimming so I hope  it takes.


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3 Responses to Pyracantha Update

  1. becomingbonsai says:

    After struggling with a pyracantha of my own for years, I have a couple suggestions for development you might want to play with. First, partially defoliate a couple times a year by clipping all the large leaves off. I’ve noticed that this helps get the buds to actually extend out into branches. Also try leaving the spring shoots until they harden off. I’ve noticed that if I shorten the branch too early (clipping back to two buds), the furthest bud will just run out into a long straight branch, and the other bud won’t do anything. I’ve noticed that after the spring growth extends and hardens off, if you leave that branch in tact for a while, the buds along the branch will then start to extend (especially after defoliation), then you can clip the branch back once all the buds you want to be branches have extended out a ways. You can kind of treat these things like trident maples.


    • Many thanks for your comment. Your suggestions are very interesting and I will surely try them on this little fellow.


      • becomingbonsai says:

        Your tree may respond differently, depending if it’s a different variety or because of different climate or whatever. Experiment a little, and see what happens!


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