The Harp Juniper

I have always been very apprehensive when re-potting Junipers and this tree was no exception when I re-potted in April. Thankfully it has responded well and is growing vigorously. I had intended to leave it alone for a full growing season without any work whatsoever to allow it to recover but it has done so well I thought I should give some of the growing tips a light trim.

I have removed any shoots that were growing downward and lightly thinned some of the thicker pads. The tree needs a comprehensive re-wire come the end of the season but I think that otherwise it is progressing nicely.





The pics don’t show much difference but I did take out quite a lot of foliage.

I still have decisions to make about how to make the most of the deadwood

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4 Responses to The Harp Juniper

  1. Nice tree! Was this collected or nursery stock?


  2. Hi there, Thanks for your question. The tree was nursery stock that was grown in my garden as a feature shrub. When I saw its potential I dug it up about 5 years ago and started training it.


  3. With a good wiring this tree will look fantastic, it already has great structure. I love that deadwood spire.


  4. Thanks Charles, It’s making good progress. I am hoping to develop the lower foliage more to create a wider base. I think that will improve the overall image greatly.


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