Best of British

I have just returned from a short break in North Wales from where we travelled down to the Birmingham NEC to visit the Gardener’s World Live show. As most will know, the show featured the Best of British Bonsai show this year and I am obliged to say that the display was outstanding.

For me it was a little bit special to stand up close and personal to trees of this caliber.  It was truly sensational. I took as many pics as I could and will feature them here over the next few days. It was a difficult task to photograph in the indoor lighting and get the colour balance and exposure right.  I only met with modest success and some of my images were disappointing to say the least. I did not want to use flash to avoid that awful background shadow that is so annoying so all the pics were taken in available light. The second shot in the gallery shows how difficult the overhead lighting was with the deep shadows at ceiling height and no natural light at all. A bad workman always blames his tools.

It is very often said that pics do not always do bonsai trees justice and this case is no exception. The trees just have to be seen in person just to appreciate their size and detail of the  movement and ramification.

I really enjoyed the experience and hope that any who read the blog will enjoy it too.


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3 Responses to Best of British

  1. Mario says:

    Thanks for sharing mate.
    and yes, it usually very hard to take good, sharp picture at indoor exhibition as you rely on in-house lighting which more than often is insufficient.


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