Last of Best of British

These are the last shots I was able to take at the Best of British last week. I was fortunate to be able to make as much of these pics as I did as I discovered when I came home that I had the white balance on my camera set incorrectly when taking the pics. Some were very poor but I have worked them in Photoshop to make the most of them so I hope you enjoy. There is some absolutely amazing carving which really impressed me.

I came home from Birmingham, visited my own garden, looked at my own trees and said: What am I doing messing about with this rubbish when real bonsai are completely out of my ability and reach? However a quick reality check got my feet back on to the ground when I reminded myself that regardless of the standard of my trees I enjoy doing what I do and that’s all that matters.  

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4 Responses to Last of Best of British

  1. Steve Moore says:

    You and I may never be able to match the quality of some of the bonsai we see at shows like these. But we’ll be better artists for this sort of inspiration, and our trees will be better than they would otherwise have been.

  2. dangerousbry says:

    I have seen and experienced the same feelings as yourselves!!
    As you get better your trees get better… And you have some great mentors 🙂

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