And now for something completely Bonsai

It’s been a while since I posted something on bonsai and I must say that this searing heat, yes searing heat in the UK, has made me a bit lazy and disinclined to do anything except water my trees. Some of the tender growth on my maples has suffered a little leaf scorch in the heat so I have moved them all into complete shade for the time being.

This white pine featured in Oct 2012 (click for link)  has grown well this season so far. I deliberately did not remove any old needles last autumn and this seemed to be the right thing to do as the tree is very healthy. I removed some of the oldest needles about a month ago to lighten the foliage a bit. I also re-positioned some of the branches and the apex to try and give the tree a fuller look.

The tree has a long way to go to fill up the gaps created by the branch loss it suffered a few years back but I do think it is making some real progress.

I have noticed that the more I eat the bigger my gut becomes and I don’t think that it is a coincidence that the more I feed my trees the fuller and quicker they seem to grow.

The tree needs a more suitable pot and perhaps tilted slightly or the apex bent slightly to the left using a guy wire. I also think that the nebari needs to be exposed more by raising it a little above soil level.  Sounds like a plan for next spring.

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