A Few More

A few more pics of a few more trees in development. I have noticed that taking pics of tree always makes me look more critically at them. When I see them on the benches the eye doesn’t go  their faults just as quickly when viewed in a photograph. I suppose that’s part of the reason the expression “The camera doesn’t lie” was coined.

The first is my Tanuki Juniper. The  foliage pads are filling up nicely but the apex perhaps needs to be more rounded than pointed as it is now.

Next up is my white pine that Ian re-styled a couple of years ago.  the tree is healthy but it is  developing slowly and needs to fill out quite a bit.

Finally is my Cedar that was rescued earlier this year. It is growing well and will need a bit of a trim toward the season’s end. I am leaving it for now to allow the tree to establish well in the current container. i intend to reduce the root mass next spring and plant the tree in a smaller container. It will probably take a few years to get it into a suitably sized bonsai pot. The apex probably needs to be brought over to the right a bit to give better balance to the image but I think the tree has some potential.

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