Steady Progress

The unusual summer heat here together with the long bright days has provided enexpected summer  growing conditions but it’s good to see our trees continuing to make steady progress. The berries on most of the flowering varieties are pretty well developed by now and although the berries do make big demands on the trees it adds additional summer interest to let some of them develop to maturity.

Here are a couple of pics of my shohin blackthorn with it’s few sloe berries and my Cotoneaster franchetti with its display of berries. It may seem a strange thing to say but this particular tree always looks better on the bench than it does in a photograph. I think the point where the very thick trunk narrows and the foliage begins is quite unconvincing. I also think the foliage needs to broaden at the base of the canopy. The foliage needs thinned out to let some light through to give a more mature look. But then what would I know?

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