Stroke City Re-Visited

A few pics of Londonderry the European City of Culture 2013. If the truth be told it doesn’t take long to walk  the walls of Derry and there’s really not a lot to see inside the walls. The history of course is very interesting and the various museums and churches, e.g. St Columb’s Cathedral etc, and heritage centres around the place make up the deficit.

The kind residents of Londonderry have tried to produce a flavour of the days and atmosphere of the siege and have populated the walls with some characters from the days of The Glorious Revolution  of 1688 and the siege of 1689. This all makes for added visitor interest. I was quite impressed with the significant number of foreign vistors that were soaking up the atmosphere and more importantly, for the traders of Derry, spending money (de l’argent).

Robert Morrisson

This is young Robert Morrison who claimed to have been the one who first shut the gates against the wishes of King James’, Lord Antrim’s Redshanks.

A Loyal Defender

This fair maiden responded to the call and with musket in hand valiantly manned the walls for long days. Just think of all the washing and ironing that must have gathered up at home during her absence. (Chauvinst remark)


My good friend DJ who got in the way as he was looking for a feed. I wish I had half of the brains that this guy doesn’t need

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