Hello There

I have been of air for over a month now. We moved house toward the end of September and have been up to our eyes in building wardrobes and decorating as we try to make the house our home. The move was traumatic to say the least and among the many events along the way I managed to drop my external hard drive with All,yes, ALL my data on it. The drive is KAPUT- FINISHED-BROKEN and yes, you guessed it, nothing was backed up. It’s gut wrenching. A bitter lesson learned.

I was without internet for two weeks and now that I am back online I have managed to snatch a few minutes to make a short post and to rest my weary back. (I am too old for all this stress)

I am showing a few pics of the garden mess taken a few days after we moved in. The trees were just dumped where we could find space off the grass. There’s a lot to do. Bonsai benches to re-construct, patios to install and a fish pond to dig. Anyone with a strong back and a weak brain would be made welcome to help with the work,

All things considered however we have settled in well, have made good progress and are very thankful to the Lord God for all his mercies.

I am away now to connect a wall socket in the bedroom that was moved a few feet along the wall.

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6 Responses to Hello There

  1. Steve Moore says:

    Welcome back! Sounds like a hairy experience, but as you implied, God is always faithful.


  2. phil says:

    re pond an patio if you like I can give you few ideas and few prices for both if you are intrested you can let me know . phil


  3. Ben Bovis says:

    Congratulations on the house move Michael. You’ve earned a rest!


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