Hawthorn Air layer

Some months, mid April approx, before I moved house I had attempted a couple of air layers one of which was a Hawthorn from a hedge at the bottom of the garden. Our house sold much quicker than I had expected and our early expectations were to move on 30th August. as it happened this was postponed at the last-minute to 20th September. The net result was that I had to sever the air layers from the parent tree much earlier than I would have liked. I didn’t know what to expect when I took this one off the parent tree.

I was pleased to see that there was some rooting at least on one side of the branch. As the cut was made about 15th August I decided to leave the sphagnum moss in place and just hurriedly place the entire branch in a pot filled with growing medium. Please bear in mind that the initial exercise was as much about experimenting with air layering as it was about obtaining a decent tree.

I will see how this tree (experiment, branch or call it what you will) fairs during the dormant season and will probably prune it quite heavily in early spring to give the roots less to support. The old branch under the rooted area will also need to be heavily pruned back up to the roots. This whole cut was completed in a hurry and I am very surprised to see the tree still supporting foliage at this stage so it seems to be still alive.


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