Japanese White Pine Update

Sadly I have not been able to devote any real time to Bonsai over the last 6 weeks or so but grabbed the chance to photograph this white pine the other day. Originally styled by Marc Noelanders it has had its problems with the loss of a few branches a few years ago.

These last two growing seasons I left it alone to recover its health and following heavy feeding I am glad to say that it has. i read Michael Haegerdon’s notes on the treatment of white pine and followed his advice. I did no needle pruning whatsoever since last year and have left them to fall naturally. The result is of course a very bushy but healthy tree. This year’s great growing conditions have obviously helped.

I think its time for some wiring to try to fill up the gaps left by the branches dieing. This of course will not be really possible until one or two of the remaining branches lengthen.

It’s strange how things change. I always liked the tree in this pot but I now think that it is totally inappropriate. I think I need shallower and wider to give the image some width. That said however I realise that a really pleasing image is a long way off.

I suppose that’s what happens as we progress in Bonsai. What pleased us yesterday often looks awful today.


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